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Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Getting Started on Pinterest

How-TO- Get Started on Pinterest

All real estate agents have a million ways to market themselves to gain more clients.

Why should you use Pinterest?

There are 2 main benefits to using Pinterest

  1. Immediate traffic to your website / blog (this could drive traffic to your facebook page too, but I like to measure my results, so a blog is best)
  2. Increasing your organic search ranking, with more traffic to your website / blog, your search ranking will increase

Now, how do you start using Pinterest?

First, set up your account.  Go to & create an account. If you sign up with Facebook, Pinterest will show you all your facebook friends that are on Pinterest, this makes it easy to connect with your friends.

Fill out your profile, upload a photo of yourself, photos gain more followers than a business logo. Here’s a complete guide to your Pinterest Profile.

Create a couple personal boards, things you are interested in.  This should tie back in with your profile.

For example, my profile says

Mom to twin daughters, Phoenix native, Phoenix Realtor. I love kid stuff, healthy eating for the kids & me! Love decor tips that sell Phoenix real estate!”  

Today’s Task

Get started on Pinterest by signing up for an account, writing your profile and adding your photo.

Think About

Your interests & real estate ideas.  Follow us on Pinterest for Board Ideas, you can swipe pins directly from our boards.


To discover how to get started on Pinterest, join our next Pinterest for Newbies online course.  It’s only 30 minutes!

Register for the Pinterest for Newbies Online Course. 


About the Author

Pinterest for Realtors is a Phoenix based real estate broker, designated broker for Secure Real Estate and an online marketing  expert. She helps her home seller’s homes be found everywhere online. She is also a Pinterest expert teaching other agents how to gain more leads, followers & clients by using Pinterest. She is the mother of twin daughters.



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